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What are "Perinatal Mental Health" and
"Parental Mental Health"?

Perinatal Mental Health

"Perinatal" refers to the time period of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (first year post-birth).


"Perinatal mental health" refers to the mental health of parents as they journey through these events.


Because so much is changing at this time, parents can experience high levels of stress, fear, and overwhelm that require mental health treatment. While a typical therapist might be able to help, ideally, parents should receive care from a professional who is trained in the unique challenges of perinatal mental health. 

At The Village, we ensure that all of our therapists are trained in perinatal mental health. In addition, they either have, or are pursuing, certification in this specialty (called "PMH-C"). We want to make sure you are receiving expert care, tailored to your current stage of life.

A mother with a newborn baby has just experienced a major life change. While this can be a joyful time, it can also be stressful and difficult. A therapist can help navigate these major life changes.

Parental Mental Health

"Parental Mental Health" encompasses the journey through parenthood as a whole and all of the joys and challenges this role brings. At The Village, we serve people in and out of the perinatal period, covering the spectrum of mental health for all parents, including people experiencing fertility challenges and adoptive & foster parents.

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