How much will I pay per appointment?

That depends on your insurance coverage. If we accept your insurance, we can look up your benefits for you before scheduling.

Do you have a deductible? If you do, that means you have to pay a certain amount in full before insurance will begin paying. Deductibles can range from $150 to $3000 or more. If you have to meet a deductible, you will pay $100-$200 per appointment. Once your deductible is paid, you typically pay $0-$30 per appointment.


Clients with no deductibles typically pay around $20-$50 per appointment.


Insurance Accepted

We accept the following insurance:

  • Health Alliance

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Web TPA / Christie Clinic Benefits

Note: We do not accept Medicaid (Molina, Meridian, IlliniCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield) at this time.


Full Rates

Our full rate is $250 for an initial appointment and $185 for each appointment after. We also offer a sliding fee scale (see below) for anyone who doesn't have, or is choosing not to use,  insurance coverage. If you are paying out of pocket, we will provide a "Good Faith Estimate" of how much services are likely to cost. Read more here.


Sliding Fee Scale

We accept a sliding scale rate ($75-$150 and you choose what to pay) for anyone who needs to pay out-of-pocket and has a household pre-tax income under these levels:


Family size of 1 = $38,640/year or $3220/month

Family size of 2 = $52,260/year or $4355/month

Family size of 3 = $65,880/year or $5490/month

Family size of 4 = $79,500/year or $6625/month

Family size of 5 = $93,120/year or $7760/month

Family size of 6 = $106,740/year or $8895/month

Family size of 7 = $120,360/year or $10,030/month



If we don't accept your insurance:

Even if we are out-of-network with your private insurance company, you can possibly be reimbursed by them for receiving therapy services.


We will provide a comprehensive bill (aka "superbill") that you submit to your insurance company. However, we do not guarantee reimbursement. To find out if your insurance will cover an out-of-network mental health provider, please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card.


If you can't afford therapy:

We believe every person deserves mental health support, regardless of their income level or ability to pay. For this reason, we offer a free support group, links to helpful (and often free) resources, and will offer affordable classes in the future. We also provide free mental health education to local groups in town like "Centering Pregnancy", offered at Christie Clinic.